Aaron Oakley - Snowmass, CO

                Aaron is a handpan and community enthusiast.  He regularly beat things with his hands trying to make music for decades until he happened upon a handpan YouTube video and discovered a new passion.  He acquired his first instrument in February 2016 and has been learning ever since.  When he's not tapping steel, he operates his family ranch in Snowmass and is an Aspen taxi driver in Winter.  Though he's got manure on his boots, he doesn't have manure for brains; Aaron earned his BS and MS degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, respectively.


Photo credit Maria Levitov

Photo credit Maria Levitov

Clint Willcox - Ft.Collins, CO

                Clint began drumming in 1990 at the age of 11.  Starting with snare drum, he played in high school marching band and then went on to become a professional drummer.  He has toured across the United States and shared the stage with many top musicians.  In 2011 he started experimenting with the sounds of handpans.  Connecting with Jonathan Sadler (to form More Than Physics) transformed the music into what it is today. Their main focus is to bring these unique sounds into a refreshing, accessible realm of human listening.


josh handpan.jpg

Josh Ryan - Denver, CO

             Josh has lived on the Front Range his entire life.  He's a life-long musician and multi-instrumentalist, starting on alto sax in 6th grade (we don't talk about the week before sax, on trumpet...). He especially loves folk, blues, new age, bluegrass, psychedelic, Celtic, African chorale, and Spanish flamenco music.  Special obsessions for Enya, James Taylor, Radiohead, and Paul Simon.  Josh has also been studying and practicing music for meditation and sound therapy for over 10 years, focusing on gongs.  He made first-contact with handpans in 2013 and hasn't thought about much else since.  In 2016 Josh released his first handpan-centric album, as The Arcadian Earth (mostly meditation and instrumental music).  You can find his folk/world music performed as Clearlight Void. 



Mark D'Ambrosio - Grand Junction, CO

Mark D'Ambrosio is a percussionist, composer, educator, and all around musician from Colorado's Western slope. Mark specializes as a handpan player, performing across Colorado and the greater United States. When not performing Mark is an avid composer, arranger, and music producer. He has released two EPs to critical acclaim which have been featured in such places as Pandora radio. Additionally he serves as an educator for various area institutions in the Western Colorado region. Mark is currently pursuing undergraduate studies in music at Colorado Mesa University.